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Adnams Christmas Card -The above design, for Adnams Brewery, was for a multiple-folded Xmas card with a series of illustrations depicting a class bottle shape in various Christmas styles with the last image being a label saying "Merry Xmas from Adnams".
This was one of the many christmas cards I designed for Adnams Brewery with a 'fun' theme. This is the original watercolour artwork with a printed example of the card on top of it. When you turn the card over you can see why the snowman is smiling!




Maui Waui Christmas Card 2007 and 2008

I had the idea for a fake bank note many years ago, before Photoshop...

At the time I produced a fake cheque called 'Santas Bank' for a Christmas card at the time,
which was hugely popular even though it was hand drawn very simply.

I think the fake note is much better though and it was printed on exactly the right weight of paper so it's pretty realistic
(apart from the fact it's for one pound of apples!).

The serial number is my phone number.

Below the bank note is the card I designed for 2008 with a delicious apple Xmas pud made with some simple photoshop enhancement!

Cask Marque Christmas Card 2008

Hopefully you will see the face of Father Christmas in the froth?


Cask Marque Christmas Card 2009

Continuing the style of being creative with beer...


Purl and Co's Christmas Cards

The above design was the first Christmas card I design for Purl with the line "fabulous yarn doesn't just grow on trees on trees..."

The design below (left) was the card used in 2008 simply using the logo to create a gift wrap and tag.

The design below (right) was rejected due to bad taste!!



Adnams Christmas card...
...having fun with an old photograph from the archive!

St. Peter's Hall Globe
This wasn't actually a Christmas card but it was the image
I created for the Christmas Party posters